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You Are The Greatest (You Just Don't Know It Yet)

· Mindset

Have you ever had aspirations to be more than you currently are? Good. Keep thinking like that.
The basis for a happy life is to never stop learning and to never stop aiming to improve as a human being.

There are 2 things that typically prevent us from getting to where we want to go to:

1). Money

The question is one of the most frequently asked questions by people. So why don't we have a clear answer? Because the question is similar to "What is the meaning of life?"

For many people, it is the illusion of money and the old American Dream that turns us into confused moths attracted to the light bulb.

It really comes down to who you ask but what seems to be a common answer is that it is not just having the money, it is what it enables us to do when we have it that is the key factor.

Here's a useful infographic that highlights the relationship between money and happiness:



2). Mindset

As my life coach keeps telling me,

Where your mind goes, energy flows.

She is right.

You always wait for January 1st to declare to yourself and your friends how "this year is going to be the best of your life." New Year's Resolutions are BS just like joining the gym only to quit in February.

If we focus on the wrong things and have a negative mindset, the following happens:

- we get the wrong things.
- we feel depressed.
- we feel lonely.
- we do not succeed.

So how can we break these patterns?


What are incantations? If you look up the definition on Wikipedia, you will find things about spells and wizards! When related to personal development and mindset, incantations are a tool that we can transform our mind and state.

Here's is an example of an incantation I use and how it can work for you. Repeat it over and over until you are mentally and physically where you need to be (edit it to suit your needs):

1). I am in a state of flow.

2). I am so grateful for getting the funding I was looking for.

3). I get funding with ease.

4). I know what I am talking about.
5). I have a proven startup under my belt.

6). I am passionate and the world needs to see my ideas.
7). In a year’s time, you’re not going to be able to get me on the phone.
8). I’m about to go on a run of a lifetime. I am aligned. I feel it.

These powerful positive affirmations allow you to boost your mood, elevate your game and develop an abundance mindset.

Work this into your morning ritual, before a meeting or just before you go to bed. Use it when you need to Level Up.

This leads into The Law of Attraction:

Who Is Driving Your Bus?

You are the bus. Your different moods and personalities are the different passengers.

Maybe your passengers are:

- the victim
- the perfectionist
- the adventurer
- the hero
- the naysayer
- the Negative Nancy
- the know it all

There are some people you do not want to give the keys to. And there are others you should be encouraging yourself to hand the keys over to.

Here is the really important part: you decide who is driving. You also decide if you are a passenger or the driver.

Fill Up Your Emotional Cup

If you have your own business, want to lead projects or are in a state that you don't like, it is crucial to focus on filling your emotional cup.

This might mean you go to the beach because you love the sound of the ocean and it gives you a sense of calm. It might mean that you watch a movie you have not got around to watching to reignite your passion for film. You might want to learn a new language because you love connecting with people in another culture.

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