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The Art Of The Start (How To Get Your Company Off The Ground)

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When people talk about startups, they often pigeon hole them in the broad category of “business”.


I categorize them as “art”.


Sure, “creating multiple revenue streams”, “watching the bottom line” and “maximizing the ROI” are important, but it really it starts with a blank canvas.


As the artist, you want to paint beautiful things onto this canvas and then sell it to the world.


The capital generated is a bi-product of the art you and your team created.


I believe there is no coincidence that the word “art” is in startup.

Ai Weiwei is a great example of a entrepreneur who just happens to be an actual artist.

He uses his work as a channel to make a statement on the state of society.

Most people thought Steve Jobs was in the technology industry.

But he wasn’t.

He was in design and with Apple, wanted people to “think different”.

That was the way he changed the world.

How are you bringing art into your startup?

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