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Adapt Or Die (Your Job Will Be Replaced By Robots But Don’t Panic)

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I had a very unpleasant customer service experience recently with a company that specializes in providing stats for the vacation rental industry.

It stemmed from a conversation I had with their customer service representative who sent me a series of cut and paste emails instead of replying as a human being.

She was clearly a new employee because when I challenged her saying that her company was not offering what I (the customer) was asking for and that what I wanted was a standard offering from their competitors, she then alerted her boss who sent me an incredibly aggressive email (the fastest way to get a call from the Better Business Bureau!).

I would never deal with this company again and will tell my network to avoid them like the Bubonic Plague.

The takeaway: robots don’t get emotional and none of this would have happened had I been talking to one.

It suddenly brought back a Mark Cuban tweet where he predicted that


Follow up articles on major news sites explored this notion.

The job fields in danger: Web Development, Customer Service, Graphic Design.

A few years back, it could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a website.

Now we have sites like Strikingly.

If we want to create a blog and allow the world to read our thoughts, you can set this up in minutes.

We can self-publish instead of relying on large publishing houses.

Basically anything that used to be a premium is now the norm.

Costs have reduced dramatically and AI and automation is meaning that we think we are talking to human beings when in fact we are talking to robots (while talking to the customer service representative above, I felt as if a robot was more genuine than her).

Essentially, it is becoming harder to detect the difference between humans and robots.

If you are in one of these professions, you can either get upset when your job gets replaced (see the auto industry in Detroit, steel industry in Pittsburgh and mining industry in Wales for proof that this happens) or plan for the future.

Grow a thick skin.

Learn a new skill.

Become an entrepreneur.

Some of the best entrepreneurs lost their jobs and were forced into the world of entrepreneurship.

This is what the USA is renowned for. It is in its DNA.

It should be the norm, not the exception.

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