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When You Level Up, This Happens...

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I was getting frustrated the other day. Zoom was crashing, my internet kept going down, my smartphone disconnected a few times and I couldn't complete the seemingly basic task of transferring a video I shot on my phone to Google Drive. I was even having microphone issues on my podcast Blow It Up. Every piece of tech I was using was dying on me!

My wife then said these words to me:

"Have you thought that leveling up is causing everything around you to be affected? Maybe the energy you are creating is causing things to freeze and short."

I remembered back to books I had read like The Secret and the concept of The Law of Attraction. I have always believed that if the moon can move oceans from that great distance, humans are able to create a force (surely a good excuse to drop in a Star Wars reference about The Force here?!), that can go beyond the confines of their own bodies. This energy is then received by the people who need it in a way we cannot fully understand.

This energy is invisible but if it could be seen, I think it would look like this:

You know when you experience people who vibrate at a high energy level and then you leave them but still feel their energy? That's what I'm talking about. If we can get in a state of flow and vibrate at a higher level, we will likely attract the same type of energy.

You know when you think about someone and then they call shortly after that thought? Is that a similar energy transfer happening?

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