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Think Like A Sniper In Your Startup (And How To Identify Your Target Customer)

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If you are a solo entrepreneur and particularly if you are launching your first business, you are nothing.


You have no track record, no credibility and no followers.


This is the time to think like a sniper.


Most first time entrepreneurs make the mistake of trying to please everyone, everywhere and giving them too many things to play with.


They spread themselves too thin.


They are like someone with an Uzi spraying bullets in every direction hoping to hit their target.


If you have the mindset of a sniper, you have to make every shot count.


You have to be patient and make sure that your bullet hits its target after every shot.


Here are the rules of engagement when you’re starting out:

  1. Hone in on your target.
    Get to know them inside out. Know where they live, what they buy, who their friends are and what networks they are part of. Research and analyze until you have your model customer.
  2. Give them something that will stop them in their tracks
    Develop a product that solves their problem or makes the world a better place for them.
  3. Take a shot and don’t miss.
    Reach out to them in the most direct way possible. Email, tweet or LinkedIn message are far more personal and cost effective than a Facebook ad. 

Here’s a useful infographic that helps to explain:

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