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What Is Your Phone Booth (How To Ditch Stress And Get Into A Positive State Fast)?

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I had my first coaching session recently.

I was finding that my energy levels were consistently low and as a result of mis-handling stress, I was getting sick more frequently.

I had used a lot of superhero analogies about how I felt — like how I had super powers that I wanted to unleash but the stress was my Kryptonite — and then my coach Su Zangara asks me,

“What is your phone booth?”

What she meant was how can we focus and get ourselves into a state where we are stronger (in my case invincible and bulletproof)?

It was a really simple analogy but a profound one.

Magician and endurance artist David Blaine spent years as a child developing willpower to be his strongest muscle in his body.

When he had to go into a state at any point, just like with muscle memory, his willpower could be called upon like a super power at any time.

My coach supported me through a visualization and I was instructed to close my eyes and think of a time when I felt happy, confident and stress free.

The coaching in the visualization meant that I was at an optimal level during this moment.

I could use this moment (or similarly inspiring incident) to function as my phone booth.

I would duck in like Superman did and by the time I came out, I had transformed into the superhero the world needed to see and was in the state I wanted to be in.

When I opened my eyes, I felt a wave of energy emanating from within me and felt different.

I am excited to continue this journey and will be writing more posts about my experiences.

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