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How To Keep Your Customers Satisfied (And Keep Them Coming Back For More)

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When I used to live in England, Americans were hailed as the ambassadors of customer service.

The customer is always right.

Well, that is what I remembered.

I visited the US for the first time when I was 13 years old and I can remember feeling like royalty (ironic as I was living in a monarchy right?!).

Well, I don’t know what changed but having noticed a trend online and having lived in Austin for 3 years, I can say that the standard seems to be slipping.

So what is customer service?

Well, I define it as any interaction with your customers.

If like me, you are selling a product to your user base, there will be a moment when a connection is made between you as the seller and the customer as the buyer.

These are the most common ways I have seen:

  1. They contact you through your email form on your website or over the phone. This is usually a quick question regarding your product or the typical turnaround time. This is the pre-purchase stage and even though you know that they are showing buying signals, your positive response can secure a sale. 
  2. They contact you asking for an update. The order has been shipped out but they don’t know where the email is that you sent them with the tracking number. This is the hand-holding stage where you want to reassure your customers that everything is under control and the product will be with them shortly.
  3. They reach out with a complaint about the product. It was either broken in transit or wasn’t what they were expecting. This is the post-purchase stage and you have to make the call whether to offer a full refund, replace the product or hold your ground. It is crucial that you have terms and conditions in place on your site before you begin selling any products so your customers know exactly what your policy is.
Here are a few very useful infographics to explain how companies are missing a massive opportunity with customer service:

Here are couple of examples of bad customer service I have experienced recently (the names have been removed to protect the innocent and I will add a suggested improved approach):

1). Problem company: One of the world’s biggest coffee brands — the location I was in was freezing and I asked one of the baristas if he could turn the heat up. His response: “We don’t control the temperature. It is controlled by management.” Incidentally, the same company makes you go back and wait in line if you forget to order a cup of water because “they have their system”.

Solution: He could have empathized and said “I know how you feel” and then told me he was going to try to turn it up. If he had then told me he couldn’t I would have appreciated his efforts. The coffee chain should definitely allow the interior temperature to be adjustable especially with the revenue they are generating from a single cup of coffee. If you are a global brand with massive profits, people expect more from you. That’s just how it is. Deal with it.

2). Problem company: A new Indian restaurant that had opened in Austin — I waited with my wife and two friends for over 2 hours for a table. At first they told me about an hour and then it just kept going. We never got a table and walked.

Solution: They should have offered us a round of drinks when we went of the hour mark. I had to use my best British accent and push hard to get them to see sense. They should have told me early on that they were short of wait staff and the weather had meant more people were eating inside rather than out. I found this out after the 2nd hour had passed. Not cool amigos.

I think the moral of this post is that in today’s America and indeed the world, to stand out from your competitors, you’ve got to go the extra mile.

Take a leaf out of Zappos book and offer a full refund on products any time within a year.

As the Simon & Garfunkel song goes, “Just trying to keep my customers satisfied….satisfied.

I’d love to hear about your customer service experiences from the business side and see what measures you are taking to improve it.

Also, if you are a customer and were either shocked or amazed by a company, I would love to hear about that as well.

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