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Act Like A Fish And Never Stop Moving Forward

· Mindset,Entrepreneurship

As an entrepreneur, it is easy to listen to family and friends and go back to a stable existence.

A nice cushy 9 to 5 job that gives you a free gym membership, sushi for lunch, a place to let your dog hang out while you “work” and 30 days of vacation time.

What I realized recently while being told by family that I had to earn a salary and essentially get a full-time job was that entrepreneurs are like fish: If they don’t move forwards, they die.

And so the expression “a fish out of water” was born which basically describes someone who is out of their depth and totally uncomfortable in their environment.

As entrepreneurs, we have to combat these constant seeds of doubt and battle on regardless knowing that although our paths are less well beaten, they are the ones we choose to march on.

In some cases, there is no path.

We dream and then lay our own.

There are no lights illuminating the way.

Our energy shines bright and guides us forward.

In this case, the bullets are negativity and we have to find a way to deflect them so as not to be harmed.

We have to protect our dreams and live to fight another day [cue Superman theme!].

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