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Binational Initiatives Will Turn The San Diego/Tijuana Border Region Into One Of The Most Interesting Places In The World

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One of my big goals while in San Diego is to improve cross border relations between Americans and Mexicans and improve the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the 2 cities.

Since moving to San Diego, I have been constantly impressed with the entrepreneurial spirit of the people of Tijuana.

Not only that, their passion and desire to try new things is what really makes them stand out.

It reminded me of a line I heard at my naturalization ceremony when I became a US citizen:

"It is the immigrants that are the people who truly embody the American Dream.”

Frontera Founders wants to bring together game-changers from both sides of the border to set up a platform of ideas and action, made up of people and organizations who care about the world and its future.

As an initiative based in the San Diego-Tijuana region, they look to actively contribute to making the Mexico/U.S. border, one of the best cross-border corridors to attract talent and innovative business.

I will be speaking at their next event in Tijuana on February 27th. Follow me @davidjlowe to find out where it will be.

I am pictured here with entrepreneur Sofia Castillo who was visiting San Diego from Tijuana. We chatted about her business ideas and how she wants to quit her boss and be an entrepreneur.

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