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16 Startup Infographics That Entrepreneurs Cannot Live Without

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I was researching my next startup and found myself visiting dozens of websites to find the infographics I was looking for. I thought I would compile them in a one stop shop style guide to save you time. Enjoy!

Enough Money To Start?

Every startup needs to have enough gas in the tank to keep them going. You will hear the expression "runway" used a lot which means a similar thing. Here's an infographic that shows a few startups you will know and how much they started with.

via Adioma

How Startup Funding Works

Where are is your startup capital coming from and how much do you need to launch? The funding phase can be a marathon and is extremely time consuming. Save time by checking out these two infographics.

31 Quotes on How to Launch a Startup

We've seen 10 Entrepreneurial Quotes That Will Inspire You To Start Your Own Company. Now here are some more quotes from entrepreneurs that will get you pumped up to change the world.

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Top 20 Reasons Why Startups Fail

Although there is some debate on the exact percentage, 90% of startups fail is a common and rather depressing stat that comes up. Only the brave or lucky prevail. What are you doing to mitigate risk in your startup?

The Most Common Challenges Entrepreneurs Face Today

Often referred to as "the struggle", the life of an entrepreneur is compared to climbing the impossible mountain. Every day is a battlefield often with unknown challenges. Here are the most common ones startup founders face.

How Startup Valuation Works

Want to make an app that is "Uber for dogs." Meet with a VC. Scribble a number on a napkin (you just valued your pre-launch startup at $1 billion). Slide it across the table to him. Get laughed it. Here's how to get taken seriously when you give investors a valuation for your startup.

via Adioma

Top Sources of Startup Funding

Where do you start when trying to raise capital for your startup? The three Fs (friends, family, fools), angel investors, venture capitalists, crowdfunding, banks? This infographic will help.

Silicon Valley Tech Innovation Ecosystem

Love it or hate, San Francisco has cemented itself as one of the hotbeds for tech startups in the world. This infographic highlights why young startup founders are doing anything they can to launch their companies there.

The Highest Valued Startups In The World

Alright, sometimes as startup founders it hurts to obsess about high valuations and hear the crack of the whip from our investors. We suffer from "unicorn envy" when we constantly see Entrepreneur magazine telling us about the successes and ignoring the failures. That said, I thought this infographic was intriguing because although the US dominates the top 10, Chinese startups are ranked number 1 and 2 in the world.

Lean Startup Methodology

Although tons of founders have written about starting businesses, Eric Ries wrote The Lean Startup which seemed to tie everything together. Bootstrapping and how to keep your startup lean became the focus and is illustrated in the below infographic.

How To Start Your Startup In Paris

Paris is quickly emerging as one of Europe's top startup hubs. I visited Station F on my coliving tour and can safely say it is the most incredible accelerator I have ever seen. This infographic shows just what exciting things are brewing in the French capital.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Tech Startups

Tech startups seem to dominate the media. The cost to launch is a fraction of physical businesses and once developed, they can cost little to scale. This infographic focuses on the type of founders that are attracted to the tech space, the startup life cycle and how they plan to monetize.

5 Biggest Time Wasters Leading to Startup Failure

Procrastination is the thief of time, the enemy of success. If you don't treat your startup bank account as you would your own, your startup will die and you will go broke. Check out these tips in this variables of waste infographic.

via Focus

Where To Launch Your Startup In the US

It is the question that every startup founder asks themselves: "Where should I launch my startup?"
Silicon Valley is an obvious choice but the insanely high cost of living, traffic congestion and bad weather puts off a lot of founders. Detroit has a high crime count and maybe lacks institutional investors and a strong enough ecosystem but it is very cheap to live and operate there. This infographic explores US cities that could be the new home for your startup.

via Inc

The Top 10 European Countries to Start a Business

If Silicon Valley or the US doesn't do it for you or you want to expand your startup's operation, Europe is an extremely attractive proposition. With powerhouse hubs like London, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin and Amsterdam, this infographic looks at where you could move to and become a success.

The Life Cycle of a Startup

Your startup is your baby. And you have to nurture it as it grows. It is an exciting time as there are a million different ways you can execute your vision but analysis paralysis is causing you to freeze. Here is one interpretation of the startup life cycle that will help.

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