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    "David Lowe is the true embodiment of the American Dream: an immigrant starting a company from scratch and making it a success. Not only does he know this process well, but it's through his passion to share his experiences and help others that makes him the ideal person to write books about startup businesses."
    - David Barnett, Founder PopSockets

    BLOW IT UP: 21 Ways Your Startup Can Shake Up An Industry And Change The World


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    Blow It Up: 21 Ways Your Startup Can Shake Up An Industry And Change The World (eBook)
    90% of startups fail. Launching a business is unbelievably tough. Blow It Up is a new type of startup book showing you how to launch a business, grow it and then sell it. Few books focus on the full life cycle of a startup. This is the exception. Entrepreneur David Lowe shows how you can launch a business in a foreign country, fulfill your dreams and have fun doing it.
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    Qwerky's goal is to end the loneliness epidemic. It does this by creating micro-coliving communities with cutting edge, architecture and inspiring design. Due to Qwerky's pods being modular, they can be placed anywhere in the world and are seen by experts and city planners as being a solution to the housing crisis.


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